The aim of Sheep Know How is to transfer  actual sheep knowledge, links and learning materials  about shepherding/management, Nature conservation, Lambing, Health is chosen from . The work is launched in the Nordplus Project Sheepvalue. Actual International work will be uploaded and linked to the Sheepvalue facebook page. The aim is to develop and spread knowledge and practical handling use of sheep adviser to farmer and farmer to farmer.

The Participants to Contact in Sheepvalue are

DK: Shepherd Berit Kiilerich Mouritzen and Jan Tang Seerup, Vet Birgit Agner Petersen and Agronom Annette Rosengaard Holmenlund

N :Biologist Mons Kvamme,

IS:Agricultural university of Iceland. Gudrun Laurusdottir + more

Lithuenia: Centre for LEADER Programme and Agricultural Training Methodology

Edvardas Makšeckas (administration and arranging)


  1. Sheep Magazine Danish Sheep association.Article and pictures from the visit to Iceland inside download Faar-nr.-4,-2015_WEB
  2. Sheep Magazine Danish Sheep association. One Article  from visit to Poland and another about the shepherd Berit Kiilerich. Download Får nr. 5, 2015
  3. Sheep Magazine Danish Sheep association. One Article from visit to Lithuania. Får nr. 6_2015
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Sheep facts and managing

1. From the Danish book Hyrdetimer Facts about sheep /hyrdetimer

2. Sheep handling translated Hyrdetimer. Download Handling

3. Stables  inspired from Hyrdetimer. Download Stables

4. Lambing  translated from Hyrdetimer. Download Lambing

Nature Conservation

  1. Nature conservation part 1. from Hyrdetimer (DK) Nature_conservation_1
  2. Nature conservation part 2. from Hyrdetimer (DK) Nature_conservation2
  3. Nature conservation part 3. from Hyrdetimer (DK) Nature_conservation3

Additional Material

  1. Download Sheep welfareWELFARE_SHEEP-EN
  2. Stables inspirations from Sweden Stables for lamb Production SJV
  3. Advice for stables england Sheep 201: Housing
  4. Advice for fencing Sheep 201: Fencing
  5. Download Feeding formulas for dairy sheep and goats Feeding_dairy_sheep-5
  6. Final Report Sheepvalue 2015 NPAD-2014-10272-NordplusAdult-Finalreport2014 created by Evardas Maszekas Lithuania